Looking for PMS5003 and MP503 VOC libraries

I am looking for fritzing libraries for PMS5003 PM2.5 sensor and MP503 VOC. I have been searching all yesterday and today and I didn’t find any.
Can anyone help me?
Thank you in advance.

Neither appear to have Fritzing parts at present. I will make a PMS5003, but the MP503 needs more information. Do you want only the sensor chip or a breakout board? If a breakout board we would need a web site with the size and connection information for the board to make a part.


Here is a PMS5003 part

PMS5003.fzpz (5.4 KB)


Thank you so much. you are a savior. I need the MP503 with the breakout board. I downloaded the datasheet from this website: https://www.winsen-sensor.com/d/files/zp07-mp503-10-grade-manual-air-quality-detection-module-1_3-terminal-forward.pdf.

The part is designed after the adafruit one which has the breakout board (I assumed that is what you had.) The part breaks out to 0.1in headers and should work as is with the breakout board.


OK, thank you a lot.

Hey, any luck with MP503 VOC part ?

No, because no answer yet to this question.


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This is the answer for that.

Am apparent (failed) attempt to quote the entire post doesn’t tell me if you want just the sensor unit to install in a pcb or a breakout board (and if so which breakout board.) Without that there isn’t going to be any progress on this. A web site to whatever you want would probably be the best bet.

edit looking back at the posts I see that you did post a web site with a pointer to the breakout board (which I obviously missed!) I will make a part.


And a part that should do what you want.

ZP07-air-quality-detection-module.fzpz (8.4 KB)


Thank you so much. I appreciate your effort.