Looking for Motor with Encoder Part?

Does anyone know where I can find a fritzing part for a Motor with an encoder?

The 12v motor I have has 6 wires.

1- Motor +
2- Motor -
3- Hall Sensor GND
4- Hall Sensor Vcc
5- Hall Sensor A Vout
6- Hall Sensor B Vout

I tried to learn to make it myself but not very successfully.


I had the same problem and went throught the trouble of creating it, I would be happy if people use it: https://github.com/TobiasWeis/pypibot/blob/master/docs/diagrams/Fritzing_Part_DC_Motor_Encoder/DC%20Motor%20with%20two-phase%20hall-encoder.fzpz
I designed the breadboard, the pcb and the schematic layout. Although they do not really look polished (the fonts are a little messed up), they are fully functional. You can view the part in the diagram of the main-page of above git-repo. I would be glad if you could provide feedback if you use it!

Nearly every tutorial for part-creation I found was outdated or did not work, but following this tutorial from hackaday worked out in the end: http://hackaday.com/2017/01/06/creating-a-pcb-in-everything-creating-a-custom-part-in-fritzing/