Looking for LilyGO-T-SIM7000G


could anybody help me with a small part? I would only need a minimal version of LilyGO-T-SIM7000G. Only the PINs would be enough to do a wiring diagram.

Github Link for more info and dimensions

Thank You!!!

Michael from Germany

I would start with two 16 row pin header and a png overlay from the board:

ttgo-t-sim7000g_v0.1.fzz (429.7 KB)

After wiring you can set the png in the front, so it will look a bit nicer and you can read the pin numbers.

That is working perfect for me.
Thank You!

Here is a complete part as well.

LILYGO-TTGO-T-SIM7000G.fzpz (44.3 KB)