Looking for JST-SM 3-Pin Part

Hi there,

Is there something I missed and there is already a JST-SM 3-Pin (Male & Female) Part in the fritzing core, or do someone know where to download an additional part?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome aboard! If you type “jst” in to the parts search (and hit enter, it doesn’t respond to mouse clicks), it turns up some Sparkfun parts that look to be jst. If you drag a part in to a sketch , Inspector (the lower right window) will let you select variants (one of which is 3 pin in various packages.) If that isn’t the one you need a google search of the form “fritzing part JST-SM 3-Pin” should pull up any that someone has published. Looks like there are some in the adafruit github repository (they maintain their own repository fo their parts as does Sparkfun which are not loaded by default in to Fritzing.) If none of those have what you want, then a copy of the data sheet may get one of us to make a part for you.