Looking for JST PH 6 pin connectors

Good afternoon. I am fairly new to Fritzing and have struggled to find the correct part that I am looking for. I am trying to make a replacement cable housing for my laser engraver cable.
It has JST connectors on it - but these are 2mm pitch rather than the standard 2.54mm pitch.

I am looking for fritzing parts for the top loader Make and Female parts.

I am looking to make a small PCB so the parts need to work on the boards.


JST PH - 6 pin Male
JST PH - 6 pin Female

A datasheet link → https://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Prototyping/ePH.pdf

I’ve tried a lot of the JST parts but they do not go up to 6, nor are the right package type.

Also - how do I set the breadboard to 2mm pitch ?

Would appreciate any assistance if possible.

Kind regards


You can either use a generic header and adjust the pitch (assuming you can find a package type that suits) like this:

In Inspector (the lower right window) you can modify the package type, pitch and hole sizes (in pcb) to suit

2mm is one of the choices but you need to reduce the pad size otherwise it will use the default 0.1in size and the pad will be too large. If that doesn’t suit you will need custom parts to be created.

You can reset the grid size to 2mm via View->Set grid size, but that only changes the grid. Parts will appear at their real life size (assuming they are made correctly.)