Looking for help creating switches for use with a Leo Bodnar BU0836X

Hi I am very new to this program and am trying to create a schematic for a hand controller with several different type of momentary n/o push switches (2 & 4 pin), miniature 3 pin ( n/c-n/o-n/c ), a 6 pin multi directional and a PS4 mini joystick. These will all be connected to a Leo Bodnar BU0836X USB converter.
Can anyone help with how to create the parts if they are not already in the parts bin and how to produce a schematic for the wiring.
I have tried to create a 6 pin multi directional switch but can not get back to the schematic to insert it. I am probably doing something wrong but I am not finding the program very intuitive!!!
Thanks in advance for any help.

The place to start is likely a google search of the form “fritzing part part-no” where part_no is the name of what you want. If that doesn’t turn up a suitable part, then we would need a data sheet with a mechanical drawing and dimensions of the parts you want in order to make them. Most switch parts in Fritzing are common or generic so there is a good chance that parts will need to be made for what you want to do.

Creating new parts is reasonably complex. It isn’t clear from the above what you tried to do but you would need more than just schematic to be successful. Finding existing parts or getting one of us to make them is probably your best way forward.