Looking for EzSBC "ESP32 Breakout and Development Board"

Hi all,
I am looking for a part that models the EzSBC “ESP32 Breakout and Development Board”.
Does anyone have that part or could point me to a part that’s as similar as possible?

A google search for “fritzing part ezsbc esp32 breakout” (which is the best way I know to find existing parts) turns up this that I made for someone. I expect it will be close enough, it has a VBAT input that isn’t on the board you want (the pin is undefined on your board) but the rest (including the 20pins which is somewhat unusual) are the same and it is the same folks.

If you find issues, point them out and I can modify the existing part for you.


Hello @vanepp,
I actually searched and found that part , the thing I did not recognize is, that it has such resemblance to the one I am looking for :frowning:
Thank you very much, for pointing me to it - and for being that fast about it!