Looking for EA DOGM162 LCD part

Hi there,
My first post here, but I’ve searched the forum and couldn’t find any part request for the EA DOGM162 LCD.
Does someone knows if the part exists?
Thank you in advance,

There doesn’t appear to be a part for Fritzing. One could be made but we would need to know exactly which DOGM162 LCD. you want the part for. There are 5 possibly different (I didn’t look closely) modules each with a different letter ending the part number available from digikey here:


it would be necessary to know the full part number to make a part.

edit: A closer look at the data sheet indicates all the letters are options (color etc) of the same part so here is a part that should do.

EA-dogm162-lcd.fzpz (10.3 KB)

the part is set to accomidate 0.1in headers in pcb.



My apologies. Thank you for your help!

The DOGM Series has 3 part numbers:
EA DOGM081x-A (1x8 - 11.97mm)
EA DOGM162x-A (2x16 - 5.57 mm)
EA DOGM163x-A (3x16 - 3.65mm)
x: B = blue background
E = yellow/green background
L = yellow/green background (cannot be backlit)
S = black background
W = white background
of which, I’m interested in the EA DOGM162W-A with a backlight EA LED55X31-W.
In addition to the 20 pins of the LCD itself, the backlight module has additional 4 pins A1, C1, A2, C2.

I see you already edited your reply with the correct part, many thanks for that!