Looking for component


Hi do anyone have the fzbz file for this component? Thank you. The schematic are as follows: Linear Actuator Control Board | Actuonix

There doesn’t seem to be a Fritzing part (I made a part for the linear actuator some time back.) There may be enough information in the data sheet (although dimensions are lacking) to make a part. I’ll have a look when I finish the current part I’m working on.


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Thank you, looking forward to your reply on the fritzing part! :slight_smile:

This should do what you want with a few disclaimers. There is no pcb (as all the connections are via wires), a silkscreen outline might be useful but I was too lazy. The FMC connector pinout varies by part number so I left the 5pins blank (they will connect but the numbers may be wrong because I don’t know which one is pin 1 and there are no pin labels unless you modify the schematic svg to match what you have.) The breadboard placement probably isn’t accurate (another reason for no pcb) as the position was taken from a jpg image of the board as there is no mechanical drawing that I can find. The buses (pins connected to each other internally) may be wrong. I assumed (again no documentation) that pins with the same name connect internally.

linear-actuator-control-board-Actuonix.fzpz (39.3 KB)