Looking for an upgrded Screw Terminal & will this DC-DC Converter work

Hello everyone I have ordered my first PCB and it just came in, Im really happy with my first PCB but there are a couple things I want to change. The First thing is the screw terminals I used are completely the wrong silkscreen footprint but the pin spacing is right for the large I cant remember if the small pin spacing fit but I can check when I get home. Would anyone make me replacement terminals, I need a 3 pin for the 5.08mm(Large) and 2 and 4 pins for the 3.5mm(small)

Here is the datasheet for the large screw terminal:

Here is the datasheet for the small screw terminal:

Also I got this Mini Dc-Dc converter and I used the Mini-360 DC-DC Buck converter part posted in the past by Vanepp but its the wrong size, the one I need is 22mm x 17mm. will this other part posted work? im not sure about the pin hole spacing

DcDC converter I planning on using:
SBX DSUN.fzpz (18.6 KB)

Mini DcDc converter picture/link from the amazon posting I cant find a datasheet:



Note that Fritzing 0.9.10 includes the voltage regulator parts that I did design. Rather than using a module you can just add a switching regulator to your board directly. It’s slightly more work than a module, but also much more elegant to have everything on a single PCB.

Yes that part should work (print out the pcb view at 1:1 scale and compare it to a real part to make sure though!) as it is 22*17mm which the mini is not.


Yeah I was originally doing that but im not an electronics maker and im really new to this so I did not want to over complicate it or mess-up

Thank you

OK sounds good, Also did you know of an alternative part or a solution for the terminal connectors?

Thank you

I’m working on that …


Here is the 5.08mm 3 terminal part. If you do delete minus on the part currently in the sketch that will delete the part but leave the wires. Then you can drag in the new part and move the wire to (in each view) to reconnect to the terminals.

screw-terminal-OSTTA034163.fzpz (5.5 KB)

who makes the 3.5mm part? It doesn’t seem to be the OST part (the layout is different?) It is desirable to have a web page where the specs for the specific part are available included in the part.


Feel free to ask for help if you are interrested, it is isn’t difficult. You only need a few components.

Here are the two 3.5mm parts. The hole size appears correct so the only change is the height of the body in both breadboard and pcb.

screw-terminal-3.5mm-2pin.fzpz (4.9 KB)

screw-terminal-3.5mm-4pin.fzpz (5.5 KB)


The 3.5mm terminals where perched from a local store called X2 Robotics.

If you know of a generic screw terminal that are sold on Amazon or Digikey that have a accurate fritzing part, that would work as well

Here is the website:

The new parts should do what you want. They match the size in the data sheet (which is somewhat larger than the originals in both cases!)


Awesome, Thank you again Peter this will really help my project


Hello everyone i forgot that i needed a 3 pin terminal as well is there any chance you could make me a fixed up 3.5mm 3 pin screw terminal.
this is also from X2 Robotics.

Data sheet:

Thank You

Here is a part that should do what you need.

screw-terminal-3.5mm-3pin.fzpz (5.1 KB)


Thank You for the fast reply.