Looking for an Esp 32 feather board


I attached a picture of the board that I’m looking for. Does someone already have this or can tell me how to make it or where to find it?

Please and thank you

I don’t see this in the collection of ESP boards that I have parts for it is a somewhat odd size. Do you have a model number or web site for the board? A google search of the form “fritzing part model-number” where model number is what ever the manufacturer calls it should find any Fritizing part available on the net. Other wise one of us would need to make a part for it which would require the data on the board to get dimensions and pin outs. My collection of parts looks like this, but this board doesn’t appear to be there.


Here is a website that sells it:

It appears a Fritzing part is in the Adafruit Fritzing repository on github.

Look in the parts subdirectory for the model number.


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