Looking for a PLCC68 socket and a crystal oscillator

It would be really happy to have those parts.

With PLCC68 socket i mean the same another user already requested on PLCC84.
(or this)

With oscillator i don’t mean standard crystals. I mean these oscillators that you put 5 volts on and they give you a clock. (something like this)

A socket alone isn’t really useful as there is nothing to put in schematic. As with the original, a chip in PLCC68 is more useful as then there is a schematic (and a footprint if all you want is the footprint). As to the oscillator there are a number of SMD versions in core parts:

assuming you want a through hole version (all the current ones are SMD) we would need a data sheet for the part you want to make one.


The PLCC would be an Intel N80188-10 (clock rate not 100% sure, but pinout is the same) (the pinout is here at page 4 with pin descriptions afterwards)

And the oscillator is one like this (all of them have the same pinout at reichelt (the clock propably won’t be the same, as i’ll be propebly be using 2 of them))

Edit: yes i need them through-hole

These 2 parts should do what you need.

crystal-oscillator-tht.fzpz (4.2 KB)

N80188.fzpz (9.4 KB)


Thanks! Thats what i searched for