Looking for a part, hoping someone could help. HLK-PM01


I was hoping someone out there maybe had a part for the HLK-PM01 power regulator? It converts 120-220VAC to 5VDC. Would anyone have a part created for Fritzing that I could use?


This looks to be a 4 pin part. Have you tried to create said part? If so, what have you done trying to reproduce the part? This sounds like a part that will have to be made real quick.

Hi landracer1

If you can point me to a link for a tutorial, I can do that. I’m still new with Fritzing but i’m willing to try anything!

First install inkscape. This will give you the power to modify/make .SVG files. If you’re using adobe for making .svg files that might work too. But I don’t use overpriced non-sense. So I suggest inkscape.

Open a few fritzing parts and study the grouping/layout process, inside inkscape. From there you should be one step closer to making parts. I’ll be glad to help where I can. I am not aware of any fritzing tutorials. We are currently working on a documentation system which will included the making parts process. Meanwhile, I suggest reading these posts.


Good luck!!

Hello ResentedPoet,

Have you got design this component HLK-PM01 I’m interrest too.

Thanks in advance


Necessity is the mother of invention. I just created the part. This was my first Fritzing part so it may not be perfect but I tried to be as accurate as possible with the dimensions (especially in the PCB view). Still, your mileage may vary.

Here it is, enjoy!


i hate to ask but have to since i am having PCB and soldering board issues with this part. can you make the holes for both AC and both DC pins wider and the outside pad thicker? i had a PCB board made my Fritzing and the HLK power supplies will not fit through the PCB board holes.

thanks in advance.