Looking for a MH-FMD buzzer module


I am looking for a reasonable visual representation of the MH-FMD passive buzzer module. It is for a diagram going to be used by students, so to avoid confusion I wanted the buzzer to look similar to the one we are using. I am pretty new to Fritzing, so thought I would ask on here before attempting to create my own

Any help would be appreciated


A web site of the exact module you want would be more useful. I would guess you are looking for something like this (from a google search on the name)

nut the exact unit you want with dimensions and connections is a better bet.


Yes, that is the MH-FMD module I need the fritzing model of

This part should do what you want.

MH-FMD-buzzer.fzpz (6.7 KB)


Perfect. Thank you so much