Looking for 5631AS and 5621AS 7-Segment Displays

Here’s the datasheet for the 5631AS Display.
Here’s the datasheet for the 5621AS Display, for this one I need the 2nd model (the one on page 3).

These two parts should do what you want. Pcb has a hole size of 0.038in so a 0.1in header will fit if you want to plug them in.

edit: Make the changes requested below

7-Segment-Display-2-Red-5621AS.fzpz (7.8 KB)

7-Segment-Display-3-Red-5631AS.fzpz (8.8 KB)


Can you please change how the pins look like in the PCB view for both displays?
image image
I want them to look like the image on the right. Also for the 3-digit display, remove the bottom-right pin because the display doesn’t have a pin there.
Thank you.

Done. I replaced the original parts with the new ones. You will need to delete the current parts before being able to load the new ones.


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