Looking for 1x1 Male and female header pins to conncet mini PCB to a bigger PCB

Hey everyone im looking for a male and female header pin. im hoping to find it on digikey as that’s where i am getting my other parts i have found these 2 but i dont know if they are compatible they have same in and hole size but they look a little wired here is the links for both

link 1:
link 2:

The female looks to be swiss pin which likely isn’t what you want. This one should be a conventional 0.1 female header:


the swiss pins have a smaller (IC size) pin that will be somewhat loose in a standard 0.038in header hole. I think the male you specified is 36 pins, this may be a better bet as it is 1 pin which is I think what you are looking for.



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Yes! That is exactly what I needed

Thank you