Lock Switch 8X8 mm


I want to create a lock switch brick like this one, with a push button, and use the “Lock Switch 8X8 mm.” I’ve tried searching on the forum and also on Google, but I couldn’t find any part for this component. Can anyone help me?


Dimensions mm: 8 x 8mm
Number of pins: 6
Distance between pins: 2.5mm
Distance between the 2 rows of pins: 6mm

There isn’t enough information here to make a part for this. The drawing above lacks pin numbers which makes the layout unclear. This is a similar (but I don’t think identical) switch from Digikey with the necessary information

Note the pin layout is documented (as is the schematic) on relation to the pcb layout which is not the case in the images above.


Assuming I am reading your data sheet correctly this part should do what you want. I assumed the two black dots are the common pins and the middle to pins are the NO connection (with the non common end pins being the NC connection.) Assuming that is correct this part should work. The holes are set to 0.038in (the size for a 0.1in header) so if you choose you should be able to install headers and plug the switch in to the headers.

lock-switch-8x8.fzpz (4.3 KB)