Location Button of Code View Support Plataform, not working

Steps I took that resulted in the problem:


What I expected should have happened instead:

Set the support plataform

My version of Fritzing and my operating system:

Fritzing 0.9.10 Beta, (b0.9.6-336-g29c2cede 2022-05-14) 64 [Qt 5.15.5], LINUX Manjaro 22

On windows it pops up a separate window to select the location of the Ide like this

as well as accepting a path typed in to the location field. I’d advise checking for the pop up window being behind another window.


sorry, on linux that doesn’t happen. A pop-up window does not open to indicate the location, it does not appear. Typing the path doesn’t work either.


I confirm the same symptom with the flatpak version on Fedora, Version 0.9.6 (b0.9.6 2021-02-21) 64 [Qt 5.15.3]

The button changes colour on hover, then again on select press, but nothing happens. Same for the picaxe location button

I thought that was working with an older version. I use alternate tools for working with Arduino (Visual Studio Code), so have not noticed.

Best bet is to report it as a bug on github here:

I think the developers do read the forum, but github is the official bug repository.