Load Cell Sensor Part


I’m looking for fritzing load cell sensor part. I found this: http://fritzing.org/projects/load-cell-sensor-test but this part is bad. Has is last updated 5 year ago…

Those views have been made by Trace Bitmap on images, and aren’t full svg, so you can’t assign pins in those views. BB and SCH would have to be remade.

How about the LOAD_CELL in the bins.

If the load cell in core parts doesn’t suit a data sheet on the part you do want would help as well.


I’ve seen this part used a few times for tutorials. If anyone needs, I modified the breadboard view for the load sensor’s three pin female header with a closer representation of the part right here:


I do not usually work with Inkscape/Fritzing parts but it seems to be a functional testing it out. Here’s a preview of the part:


Enjoy. =)

Not bad, but it has a few issues:


the pins (especially the white one) aren’t on .1in boundaries.


only the connector0terminal termianlId is labeled correctly causing the connection to the middle of the pin instead of the end:


instead of the corrected:


An improved replacement of your part:

10245_load_sensor_strain_gauge_top_view-improved.fzpz (9.9 KB)

If you are going to do more Fritznig parts (I’m assuming you are with Sparkfun, as this is in their repo), you may want to use the part check script. It checks for these types of errors and corrects some of Inkscapes incompatibilities with Fritzing:


Sweet. I do not usually make Fritzing parts so I was bound to be missing something. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ll have to take take some time to look into the script.

I compared the two parts and I will keep that in mind of the standards for the future. I have pushed the improved part to the SparkFun Fritzing parts repo. Thank you for correcting it. :slight_smile: