Lm386, shield, esp8266

hey, for my IOT project i’m looking for those parts to add to my breadborad view, looking for FZPZ files, any help ? Thank you.

Not without more information. There is a lm386 IC in core parts for instance, but you look to want a module. A google search for “fritzing part LM386 Audio Amplifier Module” turns up a hit on github, didn’t look at it to see if it is the chip in core parts or a module. The esp looks sort of like a Wemos D1 mini which there is a fritzing part for (several in fact) so searching for esp8266 in the forum search should turn up a good few parts n various form factors and pin arrangements, then you need to find one that matches what you have (there are at least 3 different widths, 0.9in 1.0in and 1.1in.) The shield has no identifying model number and no information on what it does to base a search on and may not exist as a Fritzing part in which case a mechanical drawing and schematic would be needed to make a part.