LM2575 Voltage Regulator - 3.3V

May you use it:

LM2575 Voltage Regulator - 3.3V.fzpz (8.2 KB)

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Not bad except that it doesn’t work :slight_smile: . You look to have cloned a bendable leg part with parts editor, which, as it tells you, doesn’t work. Here is a corrected version (as a new part so you can load both to compare) with a list of the changes made:


ungrouped it
scaled up to .52in wide to get pins to .1 centers.
selected each pin in turn and moved it to a .1 boundary.
Lightened the text to make it more readable.
moved the pins to the bottom edge of the legs.
grouped it and added breadboard layerid and done.


aligned on .1 boundaries
made it smaller to save space (should probably be smaller yet though)
added missing terminal definitions.


Cnanged the square to pin 1
adjusted the spacing to match the posted data sheet (yours is off a bit from that)
moved silksceen above the copper layers (helps with selection in Fritzing)
left the holes at .041, from the data sheet .035 would likely be better but large shouldn’t hurt much.
changed all pad type connectors to pin for consistancy

fzp file

removed the leg ids as this isn’t a bendable leg part.
changed pad to pin in all cases in pcb lines.
add terminalId to connector 3 and 4 in schematic view definitions

last but bot least ran it through FritzingCheckPart.py to clean it up after Inskcape and check it.

LM2575 Voltage Regulator - 3.3V_fixed.fzpz (8.5 KB)

You should check the pcb footprint against a real part. This one matches the data sheet posted in the other thread but your parts may in fact be different.


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haha. Thanks!

I will have a look at this nice script you did - seems to be a nice thing and i have macOS 10.13. so i will give it a try.

For the moment (until I figure out how to update the one Fritzing has forked) grab this version as it has some bug fixes:

and the fork doesn’t appear to be tracking the changes (and I’m new to github …). It would be good to have install instructions for MacOS too. A drop in install for all three systems would be even better but I don’t know if I;m up to that.