Little advice to make new components

Hi guys.
I’d like to learn how to design new components for Fritzing. It is not a problem, I am quite independent in my things, I have learned to use inkscape and I have seen the examples, it seems possible.

I would like to understand only if it is possible to design components with double layer contacts. For example I would like to design the following component:

I would only like to understand (in words) how to design the breadboard side. I imagine that the component will not be directly connected to the breadboard but will be “flying”.

Any kind of help will be appreciated.

This particular part is fairly easy because the pins are connected together. A standard through hole part will do this (unless I am misunderstanding something.) For things like edge connectors (where the pins are different on the top and bottom and not connected together) it is possible with some limitations. The process is described here:

If this isn’t clear, please post and I’ll try and fix it up.


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Thanks Peter,
i will try!