Linux fails on fatal IO error 2

sudo apt-get build-dep fritzing
but it gives
E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list

Aand thanks for export LANG=C, because that worked!:grin:

please read

See if you can get source URI’s enabled, and run that command again.

Done. Now what?

The Fritzing command segfaults the same way.

Also, sudo apt-get build-dep fritzing installed a LOT of packages. Is that supposed to happen?

I would think if you had fritzing 0.9.2 from the repos install before, there shouldn’t have been many more packages t install, unless you had uninstalled it prior to the above command.

Actually, I solved it by opening it in rollApp. Thanks a LOT for effort guyz. @smilliken @landracer @vanepp

Did whatever rollApp is give any indication of what it fixed? I’d guess a missing dependency but it would be interesting to know what the root cause was in case we see another case.

Never heard of rollApp. Found it on the Internet, will read up.

Well, rollApp is a service for hosting apps in the cloud. The app is running on their servers and you open it in your browser.

Ah, so we don’t know why your system is unhappy. As long as it works for you, all should be well.

I’d say a bit weird myself… It’s always nice knowing what the issue was. Seems a bit strange. But now that we know about this. I’m voting strange and sus. Nice way to try and market an app… I’m wondering if thats just me…?

Fritz in the clouds… Sounds blissful.

What kind of circuits are you looking to build anyhow, I’m interested in your project?

Will you store your saved files in the cloud too?

It’s a small arduino project with an LCD and RGB diode with some buttons. I just wanted to make a scheme, that i could put in my presentation to school.

And yes, you store your files in the cloud too - you can connect GDrive, Dropbox, Ondrive etc. to your rollApp accout and then you can open these cloud storarges in a file explorer for saving and opening files.

If you want to try for yourself, go here:
It’s free!

Just a caution that you may want to keep (and back up) a local copy of your created files. I read of at least one cloud provider that discovered the hard way that backup is a difficult proposition by having a storage disaster of some kind that lost the file system and discovering their backup solution also didn’t work (losing the customer’s data if they didn’t have local backups) that they had claimed to be backing up … This was a paid for service, free ones I expect are even worse as a reliable backup is an expensive and hard problem. That may or may not be important enough to you to be worth doing, but knowing the issue can be there is useful if your work is valuable to you.

Yeah, I used the cloud storage only because there is no “direct download” function and I downloaded it from the cloud immediately. Also my school has the “google for education” thing, wich comes with GDrive unlimited storage. So I hope at least Google backs-up correctly.

One would hope google does it right, but still I’d tend to keep a local backup as well. In addition to the data loss issue you also need to consider the possibility of loss of network access (either on your end or anywhere between you and the cloud servers) due to either network breakdown or ddos attacks if timely access is important to you. If your work is confidential you also need to consider security (usually lacking on cloud sites, possibly lacking but more under your control on your site :slight_smile: ).