Link pads in Pref board

You can link and unlink pads in Strip board, but not in Pref. Does that mean I have to use Strip and unlink all the pads.

I’m not sure I understand the question. Perf board is individual holes with pad all separate. Strip board is vertical or horizontal strips that can be sliced with a knife (in real life) to get variable length traces. Why would you want to remove all the spaces and not just use perf board instead?


I wanted to show the linked pad patterns in Pref, like the underside of a PCB, so people can copy the links.

I had a play and grey wires seam ok to show solder links.

What would be better is something like Strip board where you click a track and it removes it or brings it back, but in silver.

It wasn’t a straight forward as I thought because you need transparent parts to show the solder links underneath in BB view. The shrouded IDC 40 obscured what was underneath.

This looks interesting, is there a video or howto on how to do it coming?


The transparent part was just the std part with objects deleted from the BB svg until it’s just an outline, and the rest is just grey wire looking like solder links.

I’m not very good at using FZ so I don’t think I can make a good “Using” series. You’re the best part maker, and I think Sub is the best user, so maybe he should do a video series.

The FZ boys had a good idea about adding Pref and Strip board, but in practice it’s not perfect to use as a visual record without a bit of fudging. Currently it’s the least of FZ problems so the work-around is good enough.

Thanks but I think we all have skills needed in this community and as a team we are able to help people because we collectively know what we are doing. I do know how to use Fritzing for PCBs but I really have very little knowledge of the breadboard and I do not care enough about standards to make parts that are good enough for sharing. 100% of my parts use small green PCBs for the breadboard and generic ICs for the schematics. Also I am an Aspie and for me to learn/teach I find text far easier so I rarely if ever watch video tutorials and instead search for a text version. In fact I have never watched a single video in relation to Fritzing and everything I know about Fritzing is from what is written in the forum and on sparkfuns Fritzing help page as well as few other places scattered around the web.

I also only know enough about parts to fudge them so that most work, but even then I would prefer them to be perfect. There’s nothing worst then having to edit a 40 connectors that are buried 10 groups deep each.

I don’t actually make many circuits, and in fact only found about Delete Minus last week from you.

Oh well, maybe one day.:slight_smile: