Linear Actuator 12V

Hi there !

I´m trying to find this type of linear actuator part, but I can´t find it, can someone help me?



Not exactly what you want but maybe close enough.


Thanks for the fast respond.

I have already found this part, still i hoped that someone would have the other actuator.

I’ll wait, maybe someone will reports.

There isn’t any other linear actuator fritzing part that I am aware of (that is why I made that one.) The image is insufficient to make a part (no indication of what the connectors are for one, no size information) I would need the web page or data sheet for the unit to make a part.

edit a google search found the data sheet so here is a part.

linear-actuator-Actuonix-l12.fzpz (5.4 KB)


Hi Peter,

Thanks a lot for this.
That was a great help to me.

Best wishes!