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i need fritzing library from , orange pi zero LTS, access point router, USB to Ethernet dongle. Please help me

There isn’t currently an Orange pi zero LTS although I can make one. The access point router and USB to Ethernet dongle are not useful in Fritzing (as they won’t connect to anything) and thus don’t exist. Typically Fritzing parts don’t have connections for USB.


This part should do for the Orange PI zero, as noted I don’t currently see a use for an access router or a USB to Ethernet dongle, but I can be convinced by a use case (i.e what you want to do with them.)

orange-pi-zero-lts.fzpz (28.8 KB)


thanks sir, do you have fritzing library for LED RGB 2 pin, FAN 5v and Adapter 12v DC

the various LEDs are in core parts, there likely isn’t a 12V adapter (there are power supplies of various kinds though, I’m assuming the 12V adapter is a wall wart and I’m bit aware of one.) There are also several fans around, a google search for “fritzing part 5V fan” should turn up some references.