Library part won't net in PCB view, nets in Schematic view

I’m having some problems with this library object here:

No matter what I do, the PCB view will not show any traces for any of the pads that are connected to other components in my schematic.

Here’s a screenshot showing what I mean. what gives???

Here’s the schematic

In your .fzp, there is not copper0 or copper1 layers, you only have silkscreen. In your pcb.svg, you only have copper0, no copper1. The files need to be cleaned up, they are not properly formatted.

ok. I didn’t make the .fzp, just downloaded it and changed the Schematic svg (because it was freakin’ huge).

How do I add those layers?

I exported the basic IC in Fritzing and opened up the PCB svg for it. That exported file has no layers, only groups.

When I added layers and named them copper0/1, the pads disappeared entirely from the pcb svg for that relay. Any ideas???

I did a quick cleanup in the xml editor, and added copper0 and copper1 to your fzp… it works, not sure if the holes would be right in the gerber.

The .fzp would be in fritzing/parts/user/ depends whether you are on mac or windows. you would need to edit in an xml editor.

Relay 5v DPDT_v2.fzpz (6.2 KB)

Cool. I couldn’t figure out how to remove the old instances of it from the library and test yours out, until I found this thread:

Interesting enough, when I expanded your archive and tried loading the graphics into my library, your layer effects didn’t work and I couldn’t assign the pins to specific graphics.

All of this could have been avoided if Fritzing came with a DPDT relay. Why isn’t one included in the default library? When you google for “Fritzing DPDT Relay” there are only two threads that pop up where users actually created a fritzing file.

Ah, I should have changed the variant name, I did change the file name. You needed to know how to do that any way… does it work?

What do you mean expand it… all you needed to do was import it…

I wanted to use your correct PCB svg with my updated Schematic graphic, because the original author made a HUGE schematic graphic for some reason.

I couldn’t import it, because the variant name was taken. I got it working tho. Now I need to modify the Schematic SVG because it’s way too big. I’ll try to steal the graphics from an SPDT library that already exists for it. But what Fritzing really needs is an import tool for EAGLE libraries…

Thanks for your help by the way! It is really appreciated.

Eagle has a different format all together. There is an Eagle conversion program… but just about everything I have seen that has been converted needed considerable cleanup. Fritzing is open source and everyone is a contributor. When the new Fritzing comes out, the parts library will be automatically updated.

The more parts you make, the easier it gets. Once you figure them all out it is pretty simple.

A lot of part are for the old Fritzing, they also need to be cleaned up so they will import.