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I’m sure I am missing something as there seem to be very few “everyday” components in the parts library and quite a lot of what I would class as unusual items. Where is it that I am not looking?


Depends what you are looking for, some stuff that I would expect (74 series logic gates being old :slight_smile: ) just isn’t there. Some stuff is but not in bins, in that case a search with the parts bin search (the magnifying glass) will find them. Note a mouse click won’t launch the search, it requires the enter key. If you don’t find it there, next step is to search in the forums (there are a lot of parts available in the forums that haven’t made the parts bins) and then google with a search term like "fritzing part part_name) as there are user created parts (of varying quality) in lots of places.


What “everyday” components are you after, because there is a lot more variants in Inspector when you grab a generic part.

FZ is not big enough to have lots of people churning out specific part# - no EDA can keep up with the millions of parts - so you use a generic part with the same footprint and just give it the specific part# in Inspector and save it as a new part, if you want to go to all that trouble.

Many thanks for the prompt responses. I thought I saw that there had been over 2million downloads of Fitzing so was expecting plenty of parts, but apparenlty I’m wrong.

Having followed Peter’s advice I found a part based on LM723 (that’s the one I want) but it had been converted to something else. Obviously I’ll convert it back, but it seems strange that the original was not to be seen.


Not everyone submits parts to FZ, and in fact the Part Submit on the forum was only introduced about 18 months ago, so you have to do a Goo search first because no one knows what is out there in personal Gits.

Old_Grey is spot on in regards to scattered parts. While the actual ‘included parts bin’ continues to expand. There are plenty of stragglers floating around. I’m even guilty… For instance I have this ELM327 OBDII interrupter chip & wideband O2 SLCOEM board that I’ve never submitted, and other various foot-prints components. SO to say they don’t exist is a misnomer, all you have to do is ask. I’m sure someone is eager to help you resolve your part issues. For we all want to see ‘more parts’ :wink:

Sometimes that is because the part was made before google code shut down (before my time with Fritzing). There is an archive of the parts from there but it is apparently corrupted and many of the parts are lost, you can find a reference to them but not the actual part any more. The projects pages (which google will search) are another good source. If the part you want is included in a project, and you download the sketch the parts not in core will be in the temp parts bin and can be exported and used (although they are of variable quality).