Lego Mindstorm EV3


I am new here. I tried searching this forum and the interwebs and did not see any Lego Mindstorms EV3 parts listed.

I am doing a contest on ( and they pointed to fritzing to make the schematics.

I am thinking of trying to make some, but wanted to make sure none existed before I spent the time.


A google search for “fritzing part lego mindstorm EV3” doesn’t turn up much. So either there aren’t such parts or I’m not asking the correct question. The same search with the specific part you want may turn up something though. Making Fritzing parts is fairly complex, so you may be better off asking the folks at if they have a source of Fritzing parts for what you need.


Thanks Peter. My Google fu didn’t turn anything up either.

There are some in the projects area of the Fritzing web site. I saw them but didn’t look closer. If there are parts in there that are useful, they will be in the temp parts bin when the fzz file is loaded and can be exported as parts by right clicking the part then “export part”. If you have data sheets for what you need I might make a few, and am always willing to help if you want to make your own. Here are a couple of the tutorials that apply to the current Fritzing version (most are for older versions):