Led rgb super flux

Hi all, in the parts bin “search” for superflux RGB common anode, it has the flat edge green! All my LEDs have the flat edge BLUE. Is this an error or are my LEDs wrong? The flat edge should not matter if the view is top or bottom. It would also be helpful if in the inspector it indicated top or bottom view.


While I’m not sure I fully understand the question, parts are usually generic (and/or what ever the person that made the part had) so it up to you to verify that the pin out matches what you have (and modify the part or find a different one if it doesn’t). The views are always (unless you have specifically asked for bottom view) or are supposed to be (because parts can be user supplied that may not be true in all cases although it is supposed to be) facing down towards the component side, so top view.


I think it has something to do with the order of the pins.

Have you got a link to the item?

Hi there! you guys are great you should be the official mayors of this forum!
the item is not in CORE. The one in CORE is “BLUE”, 2 cathodes-2 anodes. You have go into “SEARCH” for a superflux RGB LED. When you put it in a sketch and place the cursor over a pin it tells you the color and which pin is the anode. The flat edge is labelled “green” but in all real life RGB LEDs the flat edge is “blue”! The common anode is also incorrect. It should be diagonally across to where it’s labelled. It should not matter if it is top view or not for the flat edge if it is always “blue”.


We don’t actually have the part to check which is the flat side, all we can see is that the notch is in the green corner. Can you relate it to that.

Doh, you mean that the notch is the flat.

What order do you want from the notch(flat) clockwise looking from the top down on the part.

Is this the one.

I know, that is the one at least I was looking at. My comment still stands though. Since there is no indication of a part number in the metadata it is possible that what ever the author had used this pinout. If it doesn’t suit what you want to use you would need to modify the part to match what you have. If you have a datasheet of what you want/have it is easy enough to change the pins. A google search for superflux RGB LED turns up an adafruit device as first hit, I’d have a look at the Adafruit Fritzing repository (which isn’t in core, but is available on github) and see if they have a part and it matches what you have as an easy first step. After that a google seach for “fritzing part superflux RGB LED” may turn up something. If neither of those work then a new part may be your only choice. As the part you are referring to looks to be user contributed its possible its just plain wrong as wel. The images for the google search “superflux RGB LED pin out” show one with red on pin1, one with blue on pin1 and a third one with the flat side on pin 2 so there doesn’t appear to be any consistency, so I’d find it hard to call this wrong even though it shows the flat edge as pin 3.


I think we need a fixed post with instructions about looking for parts on the web etc, and if not found the person to supply links to the actual part and datasheets, I’m kind-of tired of this constant searching.

in your image the flat edge is blue, in the part in parts bin the flat edge pin is green! I have come to trust the parts in the bin and was wondering why the flat edge was labelled green.I made the adjustment for my sketch but had I not checked, the sketch would have not worked.


sorry old grey didnt mean for you to have to search the web. should have sent you the pinout. got distracted. my apologies.
Peter, I too was confused when I looked up the pinout on the web images. sometimes they dont specify whether it is a top or bottom view. The manufacturers PDF pinout though always show the flat edge to be blue. Perhaps whoever put the part in the “bin” was also confused. I made the adjustment for my sketch otherwise it would not have worked. I was just wondering, since I am new to PCB design I trust that the parts are correct. In a previous sketch I had picked a 12 mm buzzer in the parts bin and the pin spacing did not fit the buzzer I had, just thought that I had ordered the wrong 12 mm buzzer. Not sure now.