LED - Rectangular 5x2x7mm

My BB isn’t beautiful, but it will do.
Modified from 5mm red LED in BB and PCB svgs.

Red LED - Rect 5x2x7mm
NEW version with fixed Inspector selection
V1.1 - Red LED - Rect 5x2x7mm.fzpz (7.5 KB)

Green LED - Rect 5x2x7mm
V1.0 - Green LED - Rect 5x2x7mm.fzpz (7.5 KB)

Yellow LED - Rect 5x2x7mm
V1.0 - Yellow LED - Rect 5x2x7mm.fzpz (7.6 KB)

Blue LED - Rect 5x2x7mm
V1.0 - Blue LED - Rect 5x2x7mm.fzpz (7.4 KB)

White LED - Rect 5x2x7mm
V1.0 - White LED - Rect 5x2x7mm.fzpz (7.4 KB)

Hi, even though it “isn’t beautiful” as you said, it actually is! Nice work anyway :slight_smile:

Looks like there is a bug in the part code that is a remnant of the 5mm LED I modded, because if you accidentally use the Inspector to change colour it turns back to a 5mm round.

I’ll have to see if I can cut that out of the code or replace it with something that will link my other colour LEDs.

It is in the properties of you .fzp conflicting with other LEDs…

I’m not good at code so I would have to hack each one until something happens. Any hints would help, thanks.

  <property name="family">led</property>
  <property name="variant">variant 1</property>
  <property name="package">5x2x7 mm [THT]</property>
  <property name="current"></property>
  <property name="part number"></property>
  <property name="color">Red (633nm)</property>
  <property name="layer"></property>
  <property name="leg">yes</property>

Found it, Change family led to something else.

Every led in FZ is in the “led” family… so every led with the same property name, like color, the value will be displayed. If you still want to keep it under the led family so you can select other LEDs but don’t want the other led colors to be displayed, then change the proper name “color” to something else… like “led color”, or colour", or “Color”… i.e. <property name="led color">Red</property> , then Red will be your only selection but you can still select the other LEDs then their properties will be displayed…

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