LED marking on PCB view

I am placing a dozen or so LEDs, SMD type 0805, on my board. I noticed that the PCB view doesn’t indicate the anode (+) from the cathode (-). What do people do on their boards to indicate this? I though about putting a text symbol in Silkscreen, but is there a standard practice?


For the standard led when I select the 805 [SMD] package in inspector there is a black line on silkscreen that indicates the cathode. Which led part are you using?


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Thank you. I see it now. Wow, that is rather subtle.
O.k. fine.

Yep, there usually isn’t much space to do things on silkscreen with smd parts so subtle is usually the rule :slight_smile: . As well parts are user created so sometimes things like pin 1 indicator are entirely missing.


I’ll straighten out my led labels (D1…D12) – puitting them always closest to the cathode – to enforce that.
This is the bottom of the board (although user-visible), so it is relatively uncluttered.

Yeah it is quite normal and for the assembly you’d better design the silkscreen on the pcb boards to indicate.Why not just design in the silkscreen - close to the cathode (or + close to the anode). It would be clear enough.What do you think?:slight_smile: