Led 8mm THT help me

Hello everyone, I need a part for an 8mm THT LED and I can’t find it anywhere. Could you help me find it? Thank you.

We would need a spec sheet for the led you want to see if one of the parts already made will work or if it needs a new part (likely only if the pcb footprint is odd.)


Hi, this is the data sheet of a standard 8mm led. Thanks for answering.

A standard red led should do for this. The pcb hole size is 0.031in and the spacing is 0.1in. The size of the led will be a little small in breadboard (5mm vs 8mm) but that is unlikely to cause any issue (and would require a custom part to fix, which is easy enough to make if you need an accurate breadboard for something.) You would need to be careful in pcb as the silkscreen is 5mm wide where the led is 8mm wide and that may be a reason for a new part.


Of course that’s the problem, it’s a 500mm long plate and 36 leds positioned in one way and if I make the design with 5mm leds then the 8mm ones don’t fit.

Not the case, you just need to space the led pins 8mm apart (which I admit is some work.) They will fit just fine. However as I said a new part is basically trivial so here is a 8mm red led part. You probably need to print out the footprint at 1:1 scale and check it against a real part as the data sheet isn’t complete though.

Red-LED-8mm.fzpz (6.0 KB)


Thank you very much, with this the work is already more favorable.