Lead time for board manufacture and delivery within Germany?

Hello Team Fritzing,

I would like to know the normal time for the board to be manufactured and posted within Germany.

Thanks in advance.

iam not from the fritzing-team but if you look at
it says:

Every Tuesday is Fab day!
Submit your layout by
October 25 at 12:00 (CET)
and we will ship it on November 03.


Fab Dates
We produce every week, with Tuesday 12:00 (CET) as deadline. Shipping will be one week later on Thursday.

so for me that sound like ‘about 10days’ + shipping time.
but can be up to 10+7+shipping time (if you submit it a tick to late and it gets into the next week-pool.)
shipping time:
on the http://fab.fritzing.org/pricing page it says:

Destination Germany
Service UPS Standard
Duration 1 day

i have used the fab-service once - that was about 1-2years ago - back than it worked smooth and nice.

sunny greetings stefan