Layer Help for Arduino MKR 1010 and Adafruit Perma-Proto

Referring to the attached screen shot.
Using Arduino MKR 1010 FZPZ and AdaFruit Fritzing Library

When I attempt to bring the Arduino to the top, or send the Full Perma-Proto breadboard tot he bottom, nothing happens.

The Arduino seems to be bound to the Breadboard layer, not Parts. While the Perma-Proto is bound to the Parts layer.

The question: where in the editor can I adjust this? I’ve opened up both in the parts editor and have been googling but can’t seem to find where that property is set.

Much appreciated.

It is a part configuration issue and isn’t changeable without modifying the part. This part

Arduino MKR WIFI 1010-fixed.fzpz (53.1 KB)

should do what you want as it has that change and a number of other fixes for errors in the original part.


Thanks @vanepp
I understand there’s not a lot of documentation, but out of sheer curiosity, is there anything you can point me to that goes into this?

Its fairly simple, the breadboard layerId is set to breadboardbreadboard, in the fzp file and the breadboard svg which triggers code that makes the part a partial breadboard (part of which is it is always on the bottom and can’t be raised.) I don’t believe this is documented anywhere, nor are the rest of the breadboard requirements, but I have done work before on breadboards of various kinds and know most of the trigger items and what they do. This particular one I only realized what it does about a year ago. The fix is easy, just change the layerId to breadboard and it acts as a normal part, but you need to modify the part to do so.


Got it. Appreciate you taking the time to walk through it.