Latency when moving area displayed while zoom activated


I have a project with two PCBs and many components. I am trying to zoom in but afterwards, moving to select the circuit’s area displayed is very slow, there is a big latency (it takes seconds before the movement stops). Is it because of the number of components?

What would help a lot would a zoom tool allowing to select the area to display, it would be easier than using the zoom in/zoom out controls.

Steps I took that resulted in the problem:

Anytime there’s a zoom closer than 1:1 (lbut maybe it’s the size of my circuit/number of components?).

What I expected should have happened instead:

Immediate, responsive movement.

My version of Fritzing and my operating system:

Fritzing 0.9.2 / MacOS X 10.8.5

Please also attach any files that help explaining this problem

I can also agree, I’ve also ran into these issues. A bigger board 6inx4in with quite a few components, was getting a bit of lag on my i5 system. I’ve since upgraded to a dual Xeon system, with in-house complied Fritzing code, against my own custom kernel, things seem a bit better.

This is something that must be worked on. and also happens on other platforms.

Would it be possible for you to share the circuit? Or a screenshot, a list of parts? Then we could take a deeper look.

Sometimes the slowdown also caused by the (unnecessary) complexity of a part’s graphic, etc.

André, I’ve sent the circuit to you directly by e-mail.

Thanks, I had a look at it and couldn’t find anything “special” about it except that it has relatively many parts and multiple boards. On my machine (i7 MacBook from 2012) the performance is ok, though indeed it could be better.

You could try separating the boards into separate Fritzing files, that should help a bit.

As for zooming, I guess you should try to avoid using a mouse wheel, since that will try to do multiple zoom operations quickly one after another. Instead, try using the Cmd +/- shortcut.

Thank you for looking at the project André.

What about the possibility of selecting the area to be zoomed in for a future update?

Yes, we can add it to the list. However, I’m not sure how the interaction would work, since we don’t have a zoom tool and all hotkeys are pretty much used up. Any ideas?
Alternatively, would you also be happy with a multitouch zoom gesture?

Hi André,

I don’t get it when you write there’s no zoom tool as there’s a cursor to zoom at the bottom of the window.

Dragging with a function key pressed would be nice but if you think a multitouch gesture would do it, why not (even if I don’t see how it would work).