Laser receiver module

Hello guys,

did anyboy create this module or something similar to that?

Thank you!

Yes and there are a bazillion examples on the net/youtube.

I made this one several years ago to inform me when I pull my car into garage far enough…

It contains a Laser and a Receiver. Mirror on garage wall reflects back to receiver - when car blocks it, Alarm sounds (alarm not visible).
I used an Atmel p328 chip but, could be transistor, 555,… list goes on.

Schematic shows a simple one using transistor. CDS is a LDR

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 4.59.58 PM

There appears to be a Fritzing part of some kind here:

from a google search for “fritzing part laser module”. My network connection is more dead than alive right now so that may be only me. At present the CAPTCHA is still spinning to see if I am a robot or not so I haven’t actually seen the part …


Thanks, I actually already have the transmitter. What I need is the receiver module shown above.

Hey, thanks for response! I actually meant the module as a fzpz part.

It doesn’t appear there was a receiver module (although there are pictures of one in the arduino forums) so now there is one.

laser-receiver-module.fzpz (10.8 KB)


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