Large single pin part with 6.36mm diameter


I need to make a large single pin part with solder pads on both sides.( 0.25in = 6.35mm + 0.01mm guard)

I was able to resize a via to have a 6.36mm diameter with a 2mm ring. However, I believe the via will have a non-conductive fill in it, and I need to insert a copper piece in the hole and solder to it.

  • Does the via have fill, or will it be what I want with a 6.36mm hole?

I tired resizing a single pin header, however the part grows beyond the pin bounding box, and it highlights in red.

Which is the simplest way I can create a 6.36mm single pin part, that has solder pads on both sides?

A via connects the top of a board to the bottom, so it should be plated.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s plated if you purposely solder the top contact and the bottom to the leg of a component because the pin will act as the conductor. The plating wicks the solder to both sides, so it easier because you only solder one side.

Thanks. I will go with the VIA then. When I tired an artwork hole, or stand-off hole, however I could not connect a route to them. The VIA was the only one I could connect to,and resize.

The only problem is that a via does not show up on the schematic, so its not obvious when you refer to it.A stand-off hole does show up on the schematic, and you can add a pcb ring to it, however you cant connect a route to it,

I think if a pin header could be resized beyond its bounding box, it would work best.

I wanted to check before I submitted my build with a via. Thanks for your response.


I don’t think there is a SCH symbol for a VIA, because it’s not important in SCH view. The SCH view only shows connections irrespective of how it’s actually connected, and you layout the physical connections in PCB. If you want something use a net label on both ends of the connection and name it “6.5mm VIA” or something.

Make sure you Gerber check it before production.