L9110 Modulo Motore Del Ventilatore Per Antincendio Robot Arduino

Hi, I send the link of the fan module that I can not find in the fritzing library, I am waiting for your instructions.
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adesso sono in regola con il forum? Chiedevo se potete mettere il simbolo del modulo in oggetto.

While someone appears to have made a Fritzing part at some point (see L9110 Fan Motor Keyes Board – Rydepier Blog Spot) it doesn’t appear to be public. There is a different (more complex) l9110 motor driver here:

there isn’t enough data on the keyes board on the net such as the size of the board to make a part easily. You may just need to use a mystery part with 4 terminals and relabel the pins to whatever is on the module.


Ciao con questa immagine che ti ho allegata riesci ad editare?

Unfortunatly the image isn’f sufficient I would need dimensions of the board and where the holes actually are and there doesn’t seem to be an appropriate drawing available on the net anywhere. I’ll have a look at doing something a bit later.


ti ringrazio, attendo perché non posso terminare il lavoro per questo modulo L9110.

This should do what you want. It isn’t mechanically accurate because I don’t have one but it should be somewhat close.

Keyes l9110 Fan module.fzpz (11.6 KB)

BB looks like this:


Ti ringrazio molto finalmente posso finire il mio progetto.
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Pls help me find this componen, i need it for my final test.


oh my bad i didnt see this, thank you so much sir