L293d motor module pcb

l293d motor driver.fzz (5.4 KB)

This pcb has been made by me .Anyone can make it.


Unfortunately your pcb is unusable. All the traces are shorted together:


Since the above doesn’t tell you much about what you could do to correct it, here is a fixed version. First I changed to schematic and routed it (so when I deleted all the PCB traces the rats nest lines for connections would remain):

Then in PCB view I did Routing->Select all traces then hit delete to delete them all leaving only the rats nest lines from the connections in schematic:

Then I selected Routing->Autoroute (which is usually a poor choice as it routes inefficiently) to do the routing because I am too lazy to manually route it as I should. I did manually route the trace on J3 (high lighted here) because Routing->DRC (Design Rules Check) reported an overlap with header J1. This should produce a correct (if not optimally routed) pcb. Below are two sketches which show the progression:

Schematic routed, pcb traces cleared

l293d motor driver1.fzz (5.8 KB)

PCB Autorouted and adjusted to pass DRC.

l293d motor driver2.fzz (9.9 KB)


Thanks Peter.