Kingbright L-710A8GE/1I1GD-RV

I’m looking to fit LEDs on my PCB more efficiently so I’ve purchased some of these, could you please make the Fritzing part for me Peter.

RS Product:
RS Datasheet:

I’m working on a response to your amazing reply on my project, there’s just a lot to get through!

Thanks again!

Sure I can make one of these easily enough.

Not a problem, this stuff gets amazingly complex even when there aren’t Fritzing bugs in play and it often takes a lot of time and a number of questions to get the mind around it. It does get easier with more experience though :slight_smile: .


and here is the requested part. As always before ordering boards, print out the footprint at 1:1 scale and check it against a real part!

l710a8ge-dual-led.fzpz (5.6 KB)


That looks perfect to me, thanks very much!