Keep getting errors

when I go to run the program, I get these errors

and whenever i go to extract the file, i get this error (bottom-left image)

First is this a new installation of Fritzing, or has it been working and suddenly failed? How did you install Fritzing? The best way is to download the zip file from That said there look to be 2 different errors. The first is the fritzing dlls are missing or not permitted correctly (the Qt5Svg…dll is missing messages). Since this appears to be Windows, check your installation directory:

(for me, your path will likely be different). In that directory there should be a file called


if it is not there, then your best bet would be to reinstall the zip file (preferably as yourself rather than administrator). As long as you don’t also delete the user directories (which the zip file doesn’t) this shouldn’t affect any existing sketches. The second problem appears to be that the path (the part in from of the svg file name is too long (although I have never seen such a message before). You might try moving the file further up the tree or this may be a side effect of the dll problems. I’d try reinstalling Fritzing and see if that fixes things. As well parts update is currently broken at least on Win 7, so you need to clone the parts repo from github to get the most current parts (although that isn’t likely the problem here).