Join two tracks

I apologize for the trivial question.
I wanted to know the correct procedure for joining two tracks (see image)

Thank you

Best practice says that traces should be horizontal, vertical or at 45 degrees so it should look like this:

the 45 degree angles are mostly for rf type work but doing it always is a good practice.


I think the real question was how to connect to the middle of a trace, instead of at the component connection. For that, the answer it to create a bend point where the join is to be made. The bend point can be used as the target connection. Example.

Screenshot from 2024-07-01 10-52-10

Drag the middle of the trace to create the bend point.
Screenshot from 2024-07-01 10-57-33

Delete the end part of the other trace (right click the trace, Delete Wire up to Bendpoints).
Screenshot from 2024-07-01 11-00-28

Drag the open end of that trace to the bendpoint.
Screenshot from 2024-07-01 11-01-52

Drag the now joined traces back to where you want it.
Screenshot from 2024-07-01 11-02-44

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it was what I wanted!

I solved it, thank you very much