JL012-13-5.2 Mini Lever (Limit) Switch

Noticed this part did not exist and the only part Fritzing had, was attached to a board with a led. Based on that, I decided to just make my own part. Here is the completed part.

JL012-13-5.2 Lever (Limit) Switch SPDT + NO + NC.fzpz (6.0 KB)

EDIT: Noticed a minor issue and fixed it.

Seems mostly fine. Pcb isn’t correct (the pins are on 0.2in spacing it appears.) You may want to have a look at this part I posted for someone yesterday


That would be due to the fact I didn’t actually do the PCB part. I just modified the breadboard and schematic parts of the original YL-99 part. I’ll look at customizing the PCB later.