Jack socket parts

Hello there,
I’m a student at an arts university and new to Fritzing and PCB design in general. I’m currently working on my first PCB design and would like to ask the community for help in creating parts for two different jack sockets.
The datasheets for the sockets in question are available here:

it’s the second one here (FC68127)

and also

I would really much appreciate any help in creating those parts!

Many thanks in advance

Here are a couple of parts that may or may not work. Fritzing doesn’t support slots, so all the slots have been replaced with holes of the maximum size of the pin. That may or may not be acceptable to you. As well the FC68127 is incomplete in that the bottom two pins are unconnected in any way I can see to the top 2 pins:

Specifically the distance between the two lines between the blue arrows is missing, leaving the two halves disconnected. If anyone can see a connection between the two sets of pins that I have missed, please point it out. Here is the datasheet

Thus they were set by where they appear in the pdf which may or may not be correct. You will need to print the footprint out at 1:1 scale and check if it fits against a real part (and probably try a part in to drilled holes to see if the lack of slots is acceptable) before ordering boards.

3_5mm-jack-fc68127.fzpz (5.9 KB)

3_5mm_jack-1503-7.fzpz (14.5 KB)


Very much appreciated!
I’ll check out if things work properly.
Thank you!