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Hi at all,
many people have problems in windows 10/11 to flash the ESP8266 (D1 Mini) over Arduino-IDE.
USBa->microUSB-Connector and CH340 driver doesn’t match, though you need a USBa → TTL-Adapter AND additionally you have to connect D3 (GPIO0) with GND !
Starting Ardunio and flashing… works !

I’ve bought this adapter DSD Tech.
For documentation reasons it would be great, if somebody outthere could build this one as fritzing part. Over Duckduckgo i didn’t find THIS part.
The photo should help:

Many thanks in advance.
So long

Found a solution. Looks bad, but it does what it should :slight_smile:

So long

You likely need to explain how you created this for other people to be able to recreate it …


Hi Peter,
there is nothing to explain, cause all parts in fritzing.
=> D1 mini, USB A Plug and wires… all from you, Peter !

Flashing D1 Mini ! WORKS !

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