It’s probably been discussed... Newbie Question

Hi Folks,
I’m a newbie to the forum and have been fritzing for a short time. I want to do two sided boards, but can’t get the Inspector to load. Can someone throw me a bone? Thank you!

Inspector has nothing to do with single or double sided boards. It is used to view and modify information about parts that have already been placed in the sketch (any view). It can also swap one part for another in the same family by changing values in the drop downs.

To use Inspector, place a part from one of the bins. Click on the part in the sketch, and Inspector will show the properties of the part.

Unless by “load” you mean getting the window for Inspector to show up. It can be turned on and off by checking and unchecking the ntry in the “Window” menu.

Thank you Merlin. I appreciate the clarification. So how does one utilize the program to create double sided boards? Thank you.

Boards are double sided by default. The controls at the bottom of the pcb view include view from above or below, and setting gui interaction (clickable elements) to top, bottom, or both. The top and bottom traces are displayed in different colors, but both can be seen and interacted with. Depending on the layers settings, and potentially what is turned on and off in the view menu.

Note if you click on the board in pcb view to select it, Inspector will be active and there is an option in Inspector to set the board to single sided. If you have done that, you need to change that selection to double sided to get a double sided board.