Issues creating a new part - suggestions?

Good morning. I am trying to create a PCB fuse holder but the new part editor does not appear (to me) to be very user friendly. I do not have Inkscape but have created a 3D model in SolidWorks. Any suggestions or guidance on how to create a part for this:

Thank you.

FYI - Fritzing was a great tool for me and I made many parts and used them in PCB’s, until I needed a bit more horsepower (and less hassle) so, I switched to Kicad.

Been a SolidWorks user for 23 yrs! and added FreeCAD to my toolbox (and seldom use Solidworks now). FreeCAD has a Plugin to go hand-in-hand with Kicad and the Forum is excellent…
FreeCAD’s “Part-Design” workbench is Similar to SolidWorks in ‘how you do things’ but what things are Called is different. Ex: Extruding is called ‘Padding’

Kicad has it’s own built-in Parts (called Footprints) making tool and can use .STEP and .WRL files for the graphic representation in a PCB. There is No BreadBoard panel (but, can trick it…)

Fritzing Part editor has the ability to import svg graphic files, and associate connectors to graphics. It does not attempt to provide any sort of graphic editing ability. Starting from your SolidWorks model, you need to find a way to translate or export as svg. I assume that is the physical part, so the export could be used for the breadboard view. That will still needs some tags (element id values) for Fritzing to be able to use it.

The problem with this part is that Fritzing does not easily support slots in pcb. It would be easy enough to modify one of the existing fuse holder parts, but the slot would be a large hole instead of a slot.