Issue with soldermask in Aisler

Has anyone had an issue with the soldermask layer showing up incorrectly in the PCB view?

The top layer is fine, but there are quite a few issues with the bottom layer where solder mask is in the incorrect spot, in some places covering the solder pins of smd IC’s.

I’ve imported the gerber file into other fab house software for rendering, and the issue doesn’t exist there, so i can’t see how it would be an issue with my design.

This is the 2nd 2-layer board I’ve designed, the first one had no issues from Aisler, i feel like a bug has crept in.

Has your issue been resolved with Aisler?

I read your post before you deleted it… And I just wanted to say I’ve had Aisler make 4-5 different PCBs and have not had a problem with them.

Also wanted to say I went with OSH Park once, and while they did a good job, the cost was 3x what Aisler charged…

Just my 2 cents…


Not resolved. Took a leap of faith that the bug was only in the rendered view and won’t exist in the final product.

Cost was obviously what drove that decision in the end. I sent them another support question asking them to please review that the soldermask is correct on their end. Honestly i just couldn’t wait anymore time, I’m really hoping it turns out ok…

I did delete my followup post, I felt maybe this wasn’t the appropriate forum to be bagging them on their communication, which is quite poor imho.

There is a bug in their rendered view, somehow my project triggered it. I would have thought they would take it more seriously seeing as that is the only thing the customer has to go on before having their boards show up at their door.

I figured it out, user error. you have to hit “turn” to flip over the board. Unchecking “top” and selecting “bottom” does not do the same thing…

I understand your view, but if their communication sucks, what’s wrong with posting that? If you don’t complain about a problem, how would anyone know there is a problem? At the same time, we also live in a world where everyone complains about everything…

Glad to hear you figured it out! I take it the ‘turn’ option is on Aisler’s website?

It’s often suggested you check your designs with a gerber viewer program. This will show you what the files fritzing generated for your pcb look like. You can also print them out to check footprint sizes, silkscreen sizes, etc…

gerbv is a favorite free open source viewer, but hasn’t been updated in years. But it works.

Please update us when you receive the boards!


Hey @martianredskies

founder of AISLER here.
First question regarding support, we have a 24h reply guarantee, have you used our Support Form to file the request?

Now to your actual question:
To get a proper understanding of your problem we would need the following information:

  1. Your Fritzing Version
  2. Your Operating System
  3. A copy of the FZZ file
  4. a project link (that’s the url that you uploaded your project to on

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing that in public, you can send that information via a private message.