Issue with custom created fritzing part

I have created a custom part, starting from a generic DIP 8 IC. I have increased the width of the component using inkscape, but now I have this situation where the connection points / terminals are not shifted properly to the right. I guess these are still in the original location.

How can I fix this? I have now modified the svg file in C:\Users[username]\Documents\Fritzing\parts\svg\user\schematic\MCP2551_25828293fcd6bb68e17b63fa536d7d1d_3_schematic.svg

In what file are these terminals described?


It may be easiest to upload the .fzpz file of your part here (upload is the 7th icon from the left in the reply tool bar) so we have the complete part to look at. That said this will be in the schematic svg file that you mention above (you can also export the part, then unzip the fzpz file to get it in a file called svg.schematic.MCP2551_25828293fcd6bb68e17b63fa536d7d1d_3_schematic.svg but either will do). In Inkscape you are looking for the line with the id connector7pin (for the top line) and connector7terminal. If you select that line and in the tool bar change units from the default px to in then add .2 in to the x coordinate of the line that will move it the necessary .2 inches to the right to align it properly. Do the same thing to the connector7 (and 6, 5 and4!) terminals and you should be fine. Note that for at least terminals the generic IC sets the width to 0 which means Inkscape will not select the items if you drag a select window around them. I usually change the width to non 0 to make my life easier (and am working on such a change in the sources). If you haven’t seen them here are a couple of tutorials that apply to the latest version of Fritzing (mine deals with things like the above in Inkscape):

Parts making is complex, but a number of us are will to help so feel free to post your part and tell us whats broken and one of us can likely either fix it for you or tell you how to do it.


Or you could do it the easy way that Fritzings parts editor intends you to do.

Open the part in the parts editor and go the the schematic tab. In the list on the right click on the one you want and then click on select graphic. Then you just click on the line you want to be the connector (if there is something above the line that prevents it form being clicked hold down shift and scroll to select the hidden item). Repeat that for all the bad lines and you are done.

I managed to get the connectors right by selecting them in the editor and clicking the ‘terminal point’ W for the left side pins and ‘terminal point’ E for the right side pins.

I have a part that I downloaded from someone else ,and it has errors, such as a 9v battery connectors go onto it backwards ,according to the way the leads were assigned I am assuming. Not very experienced at creating any parts , but do want to fix this one so I can use it . Can anyone help out?

Upload the part with the 7th button.

Hi , Here is the upoaded part , orig was called DC-DC converter. I want to eventually create ubecsDC-DC_PowerModule-ERRORS.fzz (22.8 KB)

There are so many problems in that part that I made a new one. This is a new part so you can load it along side to original to compare the two. Pcb is probably not quite correct as I had to guess at where the .1 pins are.
Schematic has been changed to a more standard (and smaller) version.

yl46.fzpz (20.9 KB)


Ouch :slightly_smiling_face:, I was just typing a long winded response and you post turned up. At least it got fixed properly, because mine wouldn’t’ve :slightly_smiling_face: be as good.